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(LS = Long Shutdown) 

Taken from Rolf Heuer in CERN General Meeting January 2013.

The proposed LHC running schedule beyond "Long Shutdown 1" :




Tomado de la presentación de Oliver Brüning (2016). An Introduction to the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) project. 1st Meeting of the CERN – TRIUMF Commitee (CERN 27 April 2016)






Xabier Cid Vidal, PhD in experimental Particle Physics for Santiago University (USC). Research Fellow in experimental Particle Physics at CERN from January 2013 to Decembre 2015. Currently, he is in USC Particle Physics Department ("Ramon y Cajal", Spanish Postdoctoral Senior Grants).

Ramon Cid Manzano, secondary school Physics Teacher at IES de SAR (Santiago - Spain), and part-time Lecturer (Profesor Asociado) in Faculty of Education at the University of Santiago (Spain). He has a Degree in Physics and in Chemistry, and is PhD for Santiago University (USC).



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