Taking a closer look at LHC

The Official String Theory Web Site
What is string theory made of? How does a string theory differ from a particle theory? Who are the people who work on string theory?
Website in spanish about cosmology.
FAQ sobre Comología
FAQ about Cosmology in spanish .
An introduction to Particle Physics Particle Physics from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.
PPEP: the Particle Physics Exhibits Project (UK) Interactive presentation of particle physics at all kinds of public.
The ABC's of Nuclear Science
Brief introduction to Nuclear Science.
WebSite of The Experimental High Energy Physics (HEP) group at the Niels Bohr Institute .
The Future of Physics. Future For
A Layperson's View of Future Technology and Society.
Elementary Particles
Included in the WebSite "A Review of the Universe".
Project commissioned by DPF of APS .
CP News - University of Cincinnati CP group

This page provide information and news about the subject of CP violation.

The Enabling Grids for E-sciencE
It brings together scientists and engineers from more than 240 institutions in 45 countries world-wide to provide a seamless Grid infrastructure for e-Science.
Experimental High Energy Physics - HepWiki
Public pages of the Experimental High Energy Physics group at the Niels Bohr Institute.
Quantum Diaries
Quantum Diaries is a Web site that followed physicists from around the world as they experienced the World Year of Physics 2005.
Elementary Quantum Physics
It provides an introduction to quantum physics for nonspecialists, with an emphasis on applications.
Nanoreisen - Adventures beyond the decimal
It whisk you away to micro and nano-cosmos.
Particle Physics Education Sites
Particle Physics Education and Information Sites.


Xabier Cid Vidal, PhD in experimental Particle Physics for Santiago University (USC). Research Fellow in experimental Particle Physics at CERN from January 2013 to Decembre 2015. Currently, he is in USC Particle Physics Department ("Ramon y Cajal", Spanish Postdoctoral Senior Grants).

Ramon Cid Manzano, secondary school Physics Teacher at IES de SAR (Santiago - Spain), and part-time Lecturer (Profesor Asociado) in Faculty of Education at the University of Santiago (Spain). He has a Degree in Physics and in Chemistry, and is PhD for Santiago University (USC).



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